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Training & Lectures

In our in-house or online workshops we will introduce the management of complexity and present the method of Netmapping® step by step. Please contact us for further information.

Learning Target

The participants learn a clear, stepwise approach through sound analysis and visualisation of complex issues. They discover typical human errors dealing with complexity and learn how to avoid them. With this approach, problems are not isolated but rather observed in a larger context. With the concentration on steerable elements, management teams attain a better yield of leverage.

Visible Results

  • Position Reckoning: creation of a holistic analysis of the complex situation preceding the intervention
  • Focusing: identification of the relevant success factors

  • "Netmap": visualisation of the interrelations of success factors

  • Prioritisation: analysis of speed and intensity of the the interrelations

  • Action Navigation: differentiation of target-orientated and customised actions

  • Controlling: review of the implementation

Invisible Results

  • Management Expertise: increased skills to manage complexity successfully
  • Communication: promotion of communicative skills by means of intensive teamwork

  • Knowledge Transfer: intensified exchange of knowledge and experience amongst the participants

Training & Lectures about Netmapping - Strategic Thinking
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Juerg Honegger

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